I have been away from the church for awhile. What do I need to do to come back?

Welcome back! You might begin by coming to any of our Masses within the Archdiocese.  See the links below for a schedule of Mass times and parishes. Many of our parishes have a number of programs for Catholics wanting to return. Make an appointment with a pastor or other pastoral leader at one of our parishes or contact Sal Della Bella at (502) 585-3291 ext. 1114 or by email.


Resources for Support

Our faith calls us to realize that we are communal people on a faith journey. We need the support of each other in times of difficulty and transition.  You will find here ministries that seek to respond to families in need of support.


Find A Parish

A listing of parishes within the Archdiocese of Louisville listed by zip code.

Mass Schedules

A listing of Mass times within the Archdiocese of Louisville.


For additional information please contact Ms. Cecelia Price

(502) 585 3291 ext. 1103


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